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Swatches: Anastasia Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

Anastasia Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette ($42.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a new, limited edition eyeshadow palette that will be available at retailers like Ulta and Sephora on March 6th (and in-stores on March 10th).

Anastasia Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

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Orange Soda
Dusty Rose
Burnt Orange
Cyprus Umber


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Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. This one is so pretty! I don’t need it but I want it. Love my MR so definitely a want not a need.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. This one is so pretty! I don’t need it but I want it. Love my MR so hopefully it’s different enough from it to justify the purchase even though there’s 3 duplicates.

Oh noooooooo…. I love it.

Hmm I thought this could be my first ABH palette but maybe not. For one thing it’s still quite warm, and I’m not very inspired by the color combination. Did we really need both Fairy and Glistening in here? I’ll wait for your full review to make a final decision.

So agree about Fairy & Glistening! That was my 1st thought when I got a look at it. Why two gold shimmers? & then the Bronze metallic practically making it three. I will say that Glistening is super pretty w/the pink in it. I loathe gold eyeshadow but Glistening is just pink enough for me to like it.

this one is more a natural every day palette.. maybe you should get the prism palette? I like my prism palette a lot. The colors are very fun and inspiring but not too crazy that I can still play with it and go out with its eye makeup looks a lot. It is now on sale everywhere. Maybe you can give it a try.

OMG I can’t wait to get my hands on this! It’s just so gorgeous. I missed out on Mario and I refuse to miss out on this one!

I was just thinking about Mario’s palette I really wanted that one… I hope someday they bring that one back

Missing that palette is my biggest beauty regret. I’d love if they brought it back.

And the Mario palette is still my favorite. This looks awesome too.

I’m so glad I did get the Mario palette because I think I’d be kicking myself now if I hadn’t. I almost passed on it and then at the last minute, picked it up. It’s not perfect but it is REALLY nice.

Well, this isn’t as soft and light as some of the sneak peeks I saw made it out to be. It’s very pretty. I probably don’t *need* this, but it’s more tempting now, because I love my other ABH palettes so much.

I agree with you Rachel. Seems like the colors are a lot darker, especially when used together… However, speaking just for myself, I don’t think I’m as tempted as I was when I first saw pictures of this, even if I love the ABH formula!

Hmmm. Kind of disappointing to see three shades from Modern Renaissance… I woke up this morning thinking about this palette but it doesn’t really make sense to me to buy this for that reason alone.

I’m usually put off when brands do this but I think when it comes to this palette and MR it kind of makes sense. I think these colors are the ones that many people who have MR use a lot of and appreciate a built in back up if they pick up this palette.

That is my disappointment as well.

Oh I think Dusty Rose is my favorite. Very pretty

Oooooh aaaaahhhhh. I know people are tired of warm neutral eyeshadow palettes, but something about ABH is so enticing to me. The palettes look so thought-out and purposeful. I hope the quality is like Modern Renaissance!!

Hmm, positive comments here but all I see are 5-6 shades that don’t swatch very well.

I was like, throwing my leg over the fence to maybe sorta? But these shadows look super chalky to me, which is making me pull my leg back down.

… I want to eat it 😍😍 love it. Don’t need it but need it

Seems to have a Viseart Tryst vibe going on with pink, berry, burgundy, with warm neutrals! Will wait for your review of this before I hop on either one, just to see whether this one is equal in quality.

I thought that too!

Modern Renaissance was not for me, so when I saw previews of this palette, I thought “finally, this is the one!” but now seeing swatches, the palette still seems so darn warm. Sigh. I’ll have to check it out in stores, but I already own a few of these shades as singles, so I think I’ll just get a magnetic palette and lay out my own version of the palette.

That’s a great idea… I’m thinking I might just do the same!

The repeats from MR make this a no for me

Me too. It’s pretty, and if I didn’t have ModRen I’d probably get it, but really? They couldn’t come up with all new shades?

The idea behind ABH palettes is to have shades that work together, without having to pull in other products; if that means repeating shades, so be it, at least they’ve been proven to work, and the honesty is commendable (how many brands just rename shades…?). People are complaining about 3 repeats, but what would be said if they were renamed, or just didn’t work as well with the palette?

We each have different standards of why we will or won’t buy a palette. Besides the re-runs, another black, which I never use. I get **why** some people want a black in every palette, but I don’t want any, so between it, the shades I already own, and the overall warm tone (which I don’t need/want more of), it’s an easy no-buy for me. YMMV

I never use black shades either! I also wish there were some cool shades to make this a must-have palette.

I get that this is supposed to be ABH’s neutral palette, but I don’t even understand it from that point of view….why are there three near-identical yellow golds in the same palette?? Almost all of the mattes are slightly different shades of dark brown with only one lighter matte that’s straight orange…this color scheme is so weird!

Even ABH is doing a takeoff of its own MR palette – very similar shades. The review will be interesting as I think a matte or two might be a bit patchy.

All the shades look amazing! Dang it Anastasia, I need to save.

Crud, that one is actually pretty. I don’t have any ABH shadows. The only other one I really liked was the Master Palette By Mario, and I missed out on that by a week.

It’s ok, but nothing special, to be honest. I find it easily dupable and uninspiring. I can see it working for someone who doesn’t own much eyeshadow, but I’ve literally got several dupes for each shade. This palette is definitely an easy pass for me.

Ohhhhh so pretty ❤️❤️ Trying so hard to resist this one!

All I can say is OMG 😍

Absolutely nothing about this calls out to me, fortunately! It looks like it could be a great workhorse palette for others (I heard it was designed with bridal makeup artists in mind).

While I think this is a beautiful palette I don’t know if I will be purchasing it. I have a full size of Orange Soda and I really wish they would have used all new shades so it is slightly disappointing to me just like the last Glow Kit that had all older shades except 1. I own all the Glow Kits so one with 3 previously released shades was a huge disappointment to me. The shades in it were beautiful as well but I’m looking for new products in new releases.

I have MR and this one seems too similar to me to justify having both… I’m still waiting for a cool shade palette for a change

Bronze looks so lovely in the pan but a lot less promising swatched. After the debacle of Subculture (otherwise known as “Substandard”), I’m a bit leery of this one and will wait for your review, Christine, and probably dupes as well (a few of these colours are real “non-starters” for me personally).

Pretty but warm toned, just like EVERYTHING lately. So tired of it!

I like dusty rose and maybe orange soda or Sienna…no, wait, dusty rose. That’s actually about it.

Some of the colors are beautiful as colors. But as eyeshadow, I have all these already somewhere in my stash.

When I first glanced at this palette I thought it was really pretty and I could see how it might compliment the Mod Ren. Looking more closely I am surprised by the number of lighter shades and the lack of tonal differences. The addition of 3 shades from the Mod Ren palette and at least one shade from the permanent line that has been available for some time, Dusty Rose, doesn’t make sense to me. Why would I buy this when I have four of the shades? Anyway, I am sure that it will be nice for those that want this particular color story, although several look a little patchy. Likely fixable with a primer. Hopefully, they will wait for you to review before they take the plunge.

It’s pretty enough but it really is knocking my socks off… It’s like if you slapped Colourpop’s Double Entendre and Give It To Me Straight palettes together, shook it all up and then tipped out the first 14 shades in random order.

The golds swatch fairly similarly and also fairly mediocre 🙁

I thought it looked very pretty soft muted colors in the sneak peeks but here swatched it looks yuck to me. Very uninspiring.

Tryst is much prettier. I’m ready to move on to some pretty spring cooler shades.

This looks beautiful but I have both Modern Ren and Mario palettes. Don’t need a third one w/ similar shades.

really pretty look you’ve created with the palette. really brings out the hazel in your eyes!

looking forward to the review. the shades in this palette look so pretty. i have the modern renaissance, but rarely reach for it. not sure how i feel about the formulation of anastasia shadows!

Another warm palette with oranges and such that make me look sick.

Ugh, another warm palette with too many orangey shades which make me look sick.

This so reminds me of the Persona Identity palette with a much needed black thrown in.

Love the colors and swatches. Hope to see it in IRL soon.

Something about this reminds me of Viseart’s Minx eye shadow palette. Love the eye look you did with this!

Between the repeat releases that I see from the Mod Ren palette and yet another black eyeshadow, I will not be purchasing this. I love my Mod Ren palette but, I’m very disappointed to see old shades repurposed into a new palette.

This, a thousand times this. If ABH were to start a new trend and put out a palette with high-quality shadows that were ALL cool-toned — no red, no orange, no rust, no olive — I think they’d have a big seller on their hands. Nothing against warm tones but they have been done to death by now.

I am not interested. I dont like the shimmery shades. Plus I have dupes for each shade.

It looks pretty indeed, but as i own the MR palette I don´t think I will need this one.

I thought this was going to be permanent?

Last I read, it was “if it sells well…” which was sort of the same response on Subculture/Prism.

I, for one, am really tired of orange/red/bronze themed palettes. It’s time for some original and cooler colors. This is a pass for me.

looks so beautiful! but i feel like between ABH Modern Renaissance and urban decay naked heat i already have all the colors

I love the look of this palette, ‘rose pink’ and ‘sultry’ seem especially beautiful. I’ve actually never tried any of the Anastasia palettes before, maybe i’ll have to add this one to my wishlist. Although, the modern renaissance palette seemed to appeal more to me xoxo

I have no self control when it comes to ABH shadows. I’m the same way with NARS foundations. I own all of the repeats, and can dupe most of the new shades. I told myself not to get the palette. I somehow ended up buying the palette, and I love it! Can’t wait to read your review.

What is this, Anastasia does Tarte? Come on, now.

As much as I love my ABH Modern Reinassance, this one I see myself using EVERYDAY. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

This palette is sooooo Anastasia. Norvina knows her mama well lol

So many bloggers were right: this truly is the “Wedding gig” palette for makeup artists.

I hope that whoever picks it up is very happy with it, but it’s gonna be a hard no from me. Besides not being able to use a lot of warm tones in a flattering manner, I haven’t been extremely impressed with the metallic that ABH has put out with Sub/Prism so I can’t imagine this is going to improve on that formula, considering how hard Norvina doubled down last time around.

The patchiness of some of the swatches up there, and the similarities in three shades (don’t care about the dupes, totally get why they do that, even if I personally feel they shouldn’t have to), and your finished eye look really make me feel that this is the Naked Heat for my mother-in-law but without the crispness that these warm shades require to prevent a muddled feel.

Have passed on all the palettes bec they are too warm for me. Was excited for soft glam to come out for some reason I thought it would be on the cooler side or at least not so warm. Guess I’m gonna pass on this one too

This is so pretty. But I have MR and there’s only maybe 4 or 5 shadows in here I would really want…hoping there are good dupes available out there for mulberry, dusty rose, rustic and rose pink

I would buy this in a heartbeat. I’m a loose and single-shadow-in-my-own-palette kind of gal, but have been craving a “real palette” for a year now. This is my IDEAL everyday palette.

The irony of course, is that thanks to ABH single shadow Black Friday sales, I own all of these colors in singles, hahahaha…….. And it’s not worth it to buy the full palette just for a few new shades.

Oh ABH, why couldn’t you release this last year? I wouldn’t have made you my first palette

This is the first ABH palette that has truly tempted me. It has a nice mix of shimmers and mattes, and it actually has a decent looking black shadow, but I agree with everyone, why did they put 2 (3) near identical golds in the palette? Why not a deeper bronze? Why not a lighter champagne shimmer?

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